Visitors of this site are advised that the works portrayed are copyrighted. The use of these works other than for consultation purposes via internet requires copyright permission from the makers. 

(Digital) photos may be ordered if the copyright of the image is reserved to the Frisian Maritime Museum. In all other cases we refer you to the copyright owner for permission and/or delivery. Requests for the delivery of photo materials, giving details of the photos in question and the reason for the request (for example, the nature of the publication), may be submitted to the Frisian Maritime Museum.

The collection also contains copyrighted images of which the copyright owner is unknown. The Frisian Maritime Museum does its utmost to retrieve information regarding such copyright owners. If you should have any information regarding copyright owners who are not, or incorrectly, listed, please contact the Frisian Maritime Museum: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Errors or supplementary information
Registering a collection is a never-ending task. New information comes to light all the time, and we do not have the monopoly on wisdom. It may therefore happen that our information is incorrect, incomplete or outdated. If you find anything that requires a correction, please let us know. There is a box where you can leave a comment underneath each picture. 

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