About the collection
The collection of the Frisian Maritime Museum contains over 22.000 objects and almost 43.000 photographs. In addition the museum has a library with more than 12.000 titles, while preserving archives as well. The collection mainly covers two areas: Frisian maritime history and the history of the city of Sneek and the Frisian Zuidwesthoek. The museum also features sub-collections on skating and ice sports.

What you will find in our museum
Ships, of course. But there is much more to see. The section on shipping features Frisian short sea shipping, inland shipping (with skûtsjes, for example), regular barge service, fishery, cargo trade, shipbuilding, and the Frisian Admiralty. And our collection of old and modern sailing yachts is unique. However, it is not just ships that our museum focuses on. The historical section on the city of Sneek extensively covers the history of the city and it surroundings, featuring the Waterpoort and stunning 18th and 19th century period rooms, while the silver room displays the products of the local silversmiths. Each of these objects tells a story, which we present in different ways, using information sheets in the rooms, audio tours and multimedia (films).

See also Practical information. We want to tell children these stories at their own level. That is why we created the Children’s Museum.

Depot collections
Most of our paintings, ship models and objects are on display in the museum, but there are also objects that are too vulnerable to be displayed, such as the 4.400 prints and drawings. They are kept in our depot, which is where we also keep almost 4.000 objects that we do want to keep, but that are less interesting for the public. These depot objects do not lead a hidden existence. They are well documented and have all been photographed, so that they can be viewed on our website.

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